15 Feb 2015

Going south - a little bit...

Submitted by Bernd

On Wednesday, the 18. of February I will go south for some days. Staying a few nights near Berchtesgaden and there will be enough time to visit the Austrian Planneralm.

Nostalgia again, but what can be there (for me) beyond that? At Planneralm in former days we stayed for some downhill-skiing and I remember a high located valley, reached by a steep and curvy road, used in wintertimes for nothing else then skiing. Thee most slopes are for beginnners or intermediate Skiers, only on the right edge (see pictures) there are some more ambitious tracks . On our first visit we came from the Wildschönau in Tirol, only for a day. The second stay then lasts nearly a week, accompanied by a friend who really knows this mountains. Some years ago he spend a week there with his school-classes, because he is a teacher. Here are some impressions.

For now on wednesday I will arrive in the afternoon at a small guesthouse named Heimattreu and for the next day there are no plans, other then (eventually) having a closer look at the Watzmann-Therme. The weatherman says, that friday will be great for visiting the Planneralm and on saturday it seems fine, to hike a way southeast near the Königssee.

Ok, the weather then on saturday is more than partly clouded; but without rain. So I can go along the left side of the see up to a viewpoint called Malerwinkel and beyond that. From there it is possible to look behind the rock-edge on the right side and now, in the background, you can see the monastery named St. Bartholomä - still in progress.

When it comes to sunday, there is time to change the guesthouse and go to Inzell; not so far to drive. I feel familiar at Inzell and the nearby Ruhpolding, first time and long ago driven by some meetings during my professional work - later on with ongoing private time to explore this area in more detail. One night, from sunday to monday I will stay at the Chiemgauer Hof ; the first time after years. Then on monday -and it depends on the expected weather for tuesday- there will be an additional stop for two nights near Tittling in the Bavarian Forest, a guesthouse named Seehof Tauer. Otherwise I will go back to Berlin the direct way from Inzell on monday.