23 Dez 2014

Nordland 2014 / Northern Jutland

Submitted by Bernd

In September 2014 on my route up to norway I stayed for two nights in a nice bed&breakfast house at Aalborg. The day between and with good weather on my side it is time for a circle tour, mainly visiting the northern end western shores of Jutland. Here are some impressions.

The tour starts at ten in the morning after a good breakfast and some small talk with the house-owner. He is swedish, speaks fluent english and also german. Later then and programming the navi  less or more precisly, it will show me the right way out of Aalborg.

A selected part from this picture has been used in the  frontpage slide-show  and was taken on september 22 at Slettestrand when going counterclockwise on my tour from and to Aalborg.



More impressions from slettestrand?

Feel free to give 'em a mouseclick ..





The next stop takes place at Bulbjerg-museum. My bed&breakfast-host gave me the information, that there are still parts of a german military-installation to be seen, used in world-war II to control the Skagerrak Strait. No weapons, no radar-facilities are there, only some into a small hill digged rooms and corridors build on massiv ferro-concrete for protection.

On an other perspective there ist a beautiful rough scenery on top and arround this bunkerhill.

Again, give 'em a click for some impressions... or see video1 and video2


Leaving Bulbjerg and going west, the next target will be Hanstholm.  On this landmark (this edge) the Skagerrak Strait meets the North Sea. When it comes to more touristic aspects Hanstholm isn't very impressive. It stands for professional fishing an processing that draught in an industrial way.

The way leads me south now, mostly not far from the shoreline and some stops -to get an overview- are included. Then passing Klitmöller, where sometimes windsurfing events take place. Now on early afternoon the Thy-Nationalpark seems the right place for a lazy picknic. Not directly on the shore, because the wind ist too strong there. Finding a place in the coastline-forrest, right under some trees to protect me from the wind, that couldn't be too difficult. Here we go...

About twenty kilometers south of the nice picnic-area there ist a ferryboat to use, crossing the Thyboron-Kanal. Please zoom out inside that link and you will have an overview, getting the full picture where to be and where to go.

It is a small roll on/roll off ferry and it goes every 30 minutes. Here is, what to expect ...

Arriving the other side of the kanal a huge installation for generating energie is to be seen and some information about the used technic and the companys take part is also provided.




As to be seen on the left picture the sun will slightly go down and it is time now running straight forward to Aalborg. Setting up the navi again it told me, there are about 180 km to drive and this will last two and a half hour.

Let's do it.

At 18:26 after being eight and a half hour on tour, so my temporarily homeplace is reached again and there will be some time, to go downtown Aalborg, finding a restaurant or at least McD, getting a burger to overcome the small but substantiell hunger. Sleeping well and thinking about the next day, when my reserved ferry -of course, a bigger one then today- will shuttle me from Hirtshals to Kristiansand in norway.


Will be continued ... und endlich geht es weiter im Text: Bitte hier entlang ...


Dein Strandbild habe ich mir als BS-Schoner eingerichtet.

Bild des Benutzers Bernd

Endlich würdigt jemand meine bescheidenen Fotografieversuche. Danke!

2014 hatte ich dafür lediglich eine Canon IXUS, seit 2015 mittlerweile eine Sony HX50V. Gerade bei den Videos ist da schon ein gewisser Fortschritt zu erkennen; klar, ebenfalls bescheiden ...